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Our team was entrusted with the responsibility of formulating Master and Dependent Building Consents for a subdivision comprising 182 lots. these consents were established in accordance with the obtained Resource Consent.

Situated along Cosgrave Road in Papakura South, Auckland, this development constitutes a significant component of a broader multi-stage initiative within the area. Notably, its commencement followed the successful conclusion of the Awakeri Wetlands stormwater improvement project, contributing to enhanced safety measures against flooding in the area.

The proposed development comprised two-level townhouses and standalone houses, intended to be constructed exclusively from lightweight materials. This selection is necessitated by the presence of peat soil and the corresponding geotechnical requirements, which mandate careful consideration and adherence to light-weight construction materials for the project.

Our primary objective following engagement was to secure building consents for the development. Notably, this project presented substantial civil engineering and geotechnical challenges, necessitating meticulous coordination throughout its duration.

Owing to the specific soil conditions, there existed stringent limitations on the proposed finished floor levels and slab thicknesses. Moreover, each lot mandated recharge pits and other drainage services, frequently encroaching upon the building line of influence. Given the unique nature of the soil, conventional bridging solutions were deemed inadequate. Consequently, bespoke alternative strategies had to be devised, requiring the approval of dispensations from Territorial Authorities team leaders and public asset owners.

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