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Terra Consultants have been engaged by Te Toka Tu Limited to undertake a resource consent application for a proposed rural-residential development at 54 Redcliffs Road, Kerikeri, Northland. Once consented Terra will also manage the construction through to new titles.

The property has in the past been used as a quarry which has come to its useful end, the work being done to construct the subdivision has involved protection of and revegetation of the dense native bush covering the northern hillsides and down to the river. It is proposed to develop the site into 25 rural-residential lots with one large balance lot adjacent to the Rangitane River. The residential lots range from 5000m2 to 3.4Ha in area. The site is unique in that it has a large resident kiwi population living in the native bush on the site and a lot of care and thought including discussions with the Department of Conservation has gone into the design of the subdivision to ensure the kiwi have a contiguous bush environment along the banks of the Rangitane River.

Terra’s work has involved the following activities:

• Resource Consent planning and low impact environmental design
• Earthworks design and construction management to form the building platforms and accessways.
• Enhancement of native wildlife habitats
• Extensive protection, weed control, and revegetation of native bush areas and river banks
• Development of building controls to minimise visual impact of new housing.
• Traffic safety and roading design
• Stormwater design and construction management
• Ensuring adequate onsite wastewater disposal can be provided.
• Provision of utility services
• Obtaining survey approvals for new titles.

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