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Terra Consultants has been engaged to undertake planning, surveying, civil, structural, and architectural services from resource consent application through to building consent and site observation for a proposed residential care development at 541 Great South Road, Papakura.

The proposal stems from the demand for aged care which is derived from a lack of quality facilities and an increasingly ageing population. With a view to providing aged care in Auckland, the applicant proposed to construct, operate and maintain a supported residential care facility at the Site. The Site can accommodate onsite facilities and amenities to cater to the health and wellbeing needs of future residents and staff.

The site has a total area of 4058 m2 and enables the construction of 54 rooms and ancillary facilities. The facility is being constructed by @nzconcretestructures over two stages and the key features of the facility are summarised below:

• Stage 1 – standalone building with 20 rooms a for dementia care;
• Stage 2 currently on-site – standalone building with 34 rooms for rest home care;
• 17 car parks
Terra’s work has involved the following activities:
• Earthworks to form the building platforms, retaining walls, open space areas, and car parks.
• Construction of new vehicle crossings, accessways and car park areas.
• Provision of stormwater drainage and new stormwater connection.
• Provision of wastewater drainage, water supply and utility services.
• Building design and construction observation

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