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“Flex Fitness Oaks,” a new gym situated in Mangere. Tasked with transforming an existing
warehouse building, our objective is to bring it up to par with the standards set by
the Flex Fitness franchise. This involves not only meeting updated accessibility and fire
safety codes but also infusing the space with a fresh design aesthetic that resonates with
the brand’s high-end image. Key elements of the renovation include converting existing
bathrooms and changing rooms into ensuite facilities, as well as implementing exposed
ceilings throughout the gym, all aimed at enhancing its overall appeal.
Progressing steadily, our project has successfully navigated the building consent process
and is currently in the construction phase. With an anticipated completion date set
for the end of May, we are working diligently to ensure that Flex Fitness Oaks is ready to
welcome its patrons with a revitalized and premium fitness experience.

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