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Terra Group are experts in the business of land development. We know that the process of developing can be filled with stressful obstacles for our Clients and often, it is hard to know where to start or who to talk to. Terra Consultants’ expert land development managers understand the need to assist our clients to manage this process and achieve their goals – it is what we do best. We will help support and guide you along your land development journey; ensuring it is a smooth and successful one.

Our consultant teams have over 15 years experience in completing multi-disciplined projects, and are led by experienced group managers some with over 40 years experience, that has been gained locally and internationally in land development. Our experience enables us to bring the best professional people to coordinate together the necessary multi-disciplined effort that is essential to ensure your project is a successful one. Our consultants have an integrated approach of combining technical and business skills to focus on achieving overall project goals including financial targets.


Take advantage of Terra’s qualified and experienced professionals who are experts in their respective fields. We are determined to turn your vision into a reality and help you achieve your goals.


The first stage of many projects is to check that development is possible in terms of available infrastructure and council development controls. It is advantageous to know the potential issues of a site up front to avoid costly constraints during the detailed design or construction. We offer simple or comprehensive feasibility investigations into a site to unlock its development potential.

Terra have multi-disciplinary and integrated in-house services where we provide architecture, surveying, structural and civil engineering and planning professional services. We are also able to work with other external consultants on behalf of our clients.


We can assist clients in deciding what kind of land they need for their land development concept idea. Once the land has been decided upon, we can also assist in securing the land and doing a due diligence on your behalf. We are also experienced in liaising and communicating with banks, funders and QS to ensure you get the best deal for your project.




Our consultants will prepare a project plan for your land development project. This includes a detailed timeline from concept to completion and a financial programme for cash flow profile requirements.



During the design phase we will talk to the local council and other regulatory authorities , to discuss development controls such as, density, earthworks, roading, stormwater, sewer, water supply, electricity to understand how to design the project so as to meet regulatory compliance and be granted a Resource Consent. Although this phase of the process can take some time we manage the process as efficiently as possible to gain the required consents for the proposed development.


Terra consultants will manage and provide experienced guidance throughout the tendering process.  We also administer the construction contract and certify the contractors claims. We will also liaise with the banks QS and provide them with enough information to enable a smooth loan  drawdown process to pay the contractor. This means that the financial controls are managed effectively throughout the life of the construction contract so that there are no unnecessary surprises along the way regarding contractor costs which will enable you to manage your cash flow effectively. When this work is completed, we can help produce construction completion certificates for your developed site.





Terra Consultants engineers will administer the construction contract on your behalf and hold contractor meetings to track track cost and time. Terra will also certify the completed construction work. Our registered engineers certification of new public assets created by the contract is a requirement for Council completion approval/certification i.e. 224C.



A vital part of any land development project and one that may not always be thought about upfront, is our client’s exit strategy. In other words, how are you going to sell your developed land. Our land development managers are experienced in helping developers to facilitate exit strategy plans


Our consultants will work with real estate agents and create sales and marketing plans to ensure that your development is presented to the right people and with the right branding for your target market. This includes marketing images and promotional detailed sales plans.





Terra’s land development managers can access your current development design and provide you with recommendations regarding possible improvements to lift yield and reduce cost, with a strong focus on maximising returns for our clients. We will look in detail at whether the planning timeline can be improved and or better managed. We can also review construction methodologies, including planned construction timelines in detail and investigate and report on possible avenues of improvement.


Terra’s land development engineers are sought after by Council and a number of our engineers are engaged in an ongoing basis by Council to assist them in processing subdivision Resource Consent applications.





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