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For excellence in engineering, you cannot choose better than Terra. We are industry leading specialists in civil engineering, structural engineering & environmental engineering – it’s the core of our business and what we do best.

All of our engineering services are multi-disciplinary. Our experienced civil engineering consultants are trained in everything from feasibility analysis right through to construction management and certification. Each engineering project’s strategy is tailor made to suit the client’s individual needs, budget and timeline.

All of our civil engineers, design professionals, structural technicians, environmental engineers and project managers are trained in the latest software and equipment. At Terra we like to stay on the cutting edge of industry technology – using engineering design software packages such as Land Development Desktop and AutoCAD Civil 3D.



Terra Consultants discuss development feasibility with the council in the earlier stages of a project through the Pre-Application Meeting process. We can then compile and lodge the required documents for a Resource Consent (RC). We discuss and respond to any concerns the council has under Section 92  of the Resource Management Act (RMA). We review draft conditions to check for future issues. Post approval, and if required/requested, we can apply to the council for changes to consent conditions/plans through Section 127 of the RMA.

After a RC is granted, we can further detail your proposal for the next council check; namely. Engineering Plan Approvals (EPA), Common Accessway (CAW), Building Consent (BC), Watercare Works Over Approval (WOA), and service/utility connection applications. We discuss and respond to any councils Request For Information (RFI) they have during these phases.


  • Carry our catchment analysis to determine existing stormwater run off flows during various storm events.

  • Predict possible upstream development – Maximum Probable Development (MPD)

  • Calculate flows generated from new impervious areas

  • Assess the existing council reticulated stormwater network for capacity.

  • Design stormwater storage (detention/retention) on site to reduce the stormwater discharge quantity.

  • Design Low Impact Design (LID) methods of achieving stormwater quality and quantity control e.g. ponds, wetlands, swals.

  • Propose methods of achieving the council required Water Quality (WQ) dependent on the type of proposal.

  • Design the layout and levels of new gravity pipe systems.


This branch of civil engineering looks at the maintenance and ongoing development of the local water supplies.

Terra Consultants are specialists in the following:

  • Reservoirs and Tanks 

  • The supply and demand of water 

  • Water storage reporting 

  • Pipe installation methods

  • The treatment and reticulation of water mains (Rural and Urban)

  • The storing and sourcing of water for communities



Terra Consultants are engaged on behalf of the Cosgrave Land Owners Group for the upgrade of the Grove Road Pump Station, Takanini. This will ultimately approximately 1000 dwellings adjacent Grove and Cosgrave Roads. The upgrade involves replacing existing pumps and electrical plus installation of 200m3 of underground overflow storage. The upgrade works have a value of approximately $2M. The project works are complicated by the existing pump station bring in continuous operation and the new storage tanks being required to be installed 5m below the surface in soft peat. The works are anticipated be completed by late December 2018.

Terra's engineers are all members of the
Engineering New Zealand



Contact our engineering team for an engineering plan. This includes site specifics for the proposed construction.

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