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Construction-Focused Structural Engineering

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Structural Assessment & Inspection Report

An inspection report is when an interested purchaser wants a report on the structural conditions of the prospective property. A Structural Assessment Report is used when assessing a historic/existing building's condition by looking at the frame, foundations, etc. 

Structural Analysis & Design

Terra's Engineers analyse the effects of different load applications on physical structures and their components (building, bridge, foundation, etc) and design the structures themselves. 

Multistorey Structures

Terra provides engineering for multi-storey structures by specialising in multistorey engineering timber, masonry, concrete and steel structures

In-Ground Structures

This includes piles, retaining walls, palisade walls, etc. Terra Engineers will research the Geotechnical information of the type of ground, the ground condition, the slope, stability and soil parameters.

Foundation & Pipe Bridging

This includes piles, retaining walls, palisade walls, etc. Terra Engineers will research the Geotechnical information of the type of ground, the ground condition, the slope, stability and soil parameters.

Peer Review

Terra can provide a peer review report as an expert second professional opinion. 

Design/Build New Structures

Terra's Structural Engineering team work closely with the Architectural team - looking at and assessing the new building design. We make sure that the building is structurally safe and meets the NZ Building Code.

Seismic Engineering & Assessments

In a country like NZ, structural engineering with a strong focus on resistance to earthquakes is extremely important. Terra's specialists are experts in this area. We can also assess existing structures and determine whether the building will be vulnerable to earthquakes

Site Supervision

During the construction period, Terra will supervise the civil works to ensure that the works are undertaken according to design and to the required standard of Council. This certifies that the work completed is carried out to the highest standard. Terra's supervisors will actively ensure that the agreed plans match the work being carried out on site. 

Additions or Alterations

to Existing Builds (Renovations)

When the client wants to change something in an existing building, this is an alteration. When the client wants to add something to an existing building, this is called an addition. The client will need a structural engineer to ensure this is structurally sound as it can be a difficult process. 

Pre-purchase Structural Report

Buy your new home with confidence. We offer professional Structural Engineering services to advise/report the 'structural state' of the dwelling before your purchase.

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Our Structural Engineering department offer practical and cost-effective solutions every day. Our teams are proactive in anticipating and solving challenges. We create a friendly environment which creates productivity, creativity, problem solvers and cleverness. 


For excellence in engineering, you cannot choose better than Terra. We are industry leading specialists in civil engineering, structural engineering & environmental engineering – it’s the core of our business and what we do best.

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Structural Engineering Manager

Frank Khalilnejad

We are delighted to introduce our structural engineering manager, Frank Khalilnejad. Frank is a senior structural engineer with over 15 years’ experience in structural engineering design for various concrete, steel, and timber structure alongside with structural seismic performance assessment. He has been involved in residential, commercial, and industrial projects located in Malaysia and New Zealand.

Frank has been involved in a range of structural engineering activities ranging from ordinary to complex multi-story project. He has experience in more complex structural analysis methods such as time history/performance design. Frank also has experience in forensic engineering, seismic assessment (IEP and DSA) and seismic restraint design.

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND, NOVEMBER 16, 2012 - Piles of rubble in Christchurch, South Isla

Independent Expert Advice

Terra Consultants can provide structural engineering services for residential, commercial and industrial structures/buildings. 


Our Christchurch-based team is very experienced in the Canterbury earthquake recovery effort and can provide structural damage assessments, remedial design, and construction management. 


The teams are very busy providing professional structural engineering advice, design and construction management on projects for a wide range of Clients.


Our structural engineers also provide independent expert witness to the courts for earthquake related structural damage insurance claims.



Terra's structural engineering team are experienced to recognise, determine and forecast built structures. Structural engineering uses theory based on physical laws and observed factual knowledge of the structural performance of various materials, etc.  It is our structural engineers job to ensure that this is carried out in a cost effective way for our clients. 

Our experienced engineering consultants are trained in everything from feasibility analysis right through to construction management and certification. 

All of our structural engineers and technicians are trained in the latest software and equipment. At Terra we like to stay on the cutting edge of industry technology.

Our Structural Engineering department draw on the different project experiences each employee has to make sure our proposed solution is the right one. Our team collaborates daily and we encourage peer reviews at all relevant stages of a project. 

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