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Planning better environments for a better future

One of the most important steps in any development  project is obtaining Council's approval through the resource consent process.  

For both our local government and private sector clients, Terra has the expertise to provide technical advice and practical solutions in the complex environment of planning law and policy. 

Our team of specialist planners are professionally trained to interpret resource management plans and procedures, and to work with stakeholders to achieve the best outcome. 

Early consultation with our resource consent consultants will ensure potential issues are identified and resolved at an early stage, and a strategy is set for the consenting process, which will save you time and money. Essentially, our specialist planners will work with you to get the best out of your land, with minimal delay in obtaining the necessary consents from Council. 


Advice on these matters can ensure a sense of clarity and simplicity is brought to the complex planning process. 

Terra's planners have a diverse range of experience which enables a holistic planning approach. They are a tight knit team who will go above and beyond for their clients; with a consistently friendly and lively approach. 

Terra's planners are all members of the
New Zealand Planning Institute.

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