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Central North Island Office - Celebrates 5 Years in Operation

Our Central North Island branch is celebrating 5 years of exciting growth and diversification of services offered locally.

Terra Consultants established an office in Hamilton five years ago that specialised in planning services. Flash forward to 2022 (and all of the challenges businesses have faced during the more recent years), this office now has a staff of eleven from the fields of planning, surveying, civil engineering and drafting.

We are now proud to be delivering a comprehensive suite of land development consultancy services throughout the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions, and beyond.

The progressive and timely addition of services has enabled us to provide a more effective and cohesive project life cycle, where the emphasis is on continual adaptation and improvement. We are now proud to be delivering a comprehensive suite of land development consultancy services throughout the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions, and beyond.

The Waikato team are led by Richard Falconer, who is well supported by a dedicated and ambitious team that share his vision for innovation and determination with a strong customer service ethos. Richard is incredibly pleased with the growth of the Central North Island branch, which is thanks largely to the loyalty of clients that continue to support the business and enable the growth of new relationships through word-of-mouth referrals. We have amassed an incredibly diverse range of project type and scale over our five years in business, with infill residential development being one of our particular specialities.

Richard is excited about the prospects for the future of the Hamilton office. The growth of the Waikato Region’s employment and residential sectors has been unprecedented with opportunities abound due to Central Government reform that will reshape the development landscape in the years ahead. Richard feels the Waikato office is ideally positioned to assist the development community in maximising benefits within a challenging economic climate.

Meet Richard Falconer

Richard has over 19 years experience in the resource management industry within the Auckland and Waikato Regions. His speciality is direct and strategic town planning advice to private sector clients where an 'outside of the box' approach is

favoured. He is a commercially minded planner who strives to provide the best outcome for his clients in all sectors of the property industry; from small-scale residential developments and subdivisions through to large-scale residential, commercial and industrial development.

Richard has excellent working relationships with councils within both Auckland and Waikato regions, which is invaluable for our clients.

The success of our client's projects relies heavily on the partnership with our people. Our team is cutting-edge and consists of a multicultural and diverse team from New Zealand and Internationally. Our people bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every project. We are lucky to have such a hard-working team, and we want to share our staff's experiences. Our people are Terra, and together, we are "Building better environments for a better future."


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